Nolan Lee, “Fishing in a Concave Mirror”

Nolan Lee is a Korean-American poet from New Jersey. He enjoys the work of Cathy Park Hong, Anne Carson, and Federico Garcia Lorca. His work is to be published in indicia and Élan.

orange line

Fishing in a Concave Mirror

I am no less than a rainbow cuttlefish, awake in a year of peach trees.
He fishes in the fountain’s waters, sleepy enough to reel a pink one.
One should throw the sweet thing back, alone as both are in the courtyard.
It is snowing a white ash, gone as what it coats with where, when,

gone from the water’s conflagration, a sailor (shut-eyed) calls it St. Elmo’s fire.
Alone in old wishes and new symbols, a poet notes the fundamental elements.
Sleepy as drowning’s end, Nick says we should take care of ourselves.
Awake in a year of peach trees, I have still missed the farmer’s market.

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