Jared Carter, “Wanderer”

Jared Carter’s most recent book of poems, The Land Itself, is from Monongahela Books in Morgantown, West Virginia. He lives in Indiana.

orange line


Where all the hills are silent now,
       and through the trees
The wind, that once shook every bough
       and blossom, leaves

Only the slightest breath. Here, birds,
       now half asleep,
Content with songs that have no words,
       find shelter deep

Within the forest. Here, release
       from constant quest,
From endless pathways. Soon, like these,
       you too shall rest.





One thought on “Jared Carter, “Wanderer”

  1. This poem was beautiful. It was the first thing I read this morning, and it set the tone for my day. The images are ethereal and the poem is deceptively simple in its structure and sound. I love the skillful use of enjambment and the rhymes (which are not forced, thank you!). They seem natural, as befits the poem itself.

    This poem compels me to check out more poetry by this writer.


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