Patrick Hurley, Selection from “Variation”

Patrick Hurley taught writing and literature at various colleges for almost twenty years. Now he makes poems (and tends bar to pay the bills). His work has appeared multiple times in The Adelaide Literary Review (where he was the top finalist for the 2017 Poetry Award and Adelaide Voices Literary Award for Poetry Finalist for 2018), Clockwise Cat, Futures Trading, Eunoia Review, and Poetry Pacific. He recently completed a long poetry project called walking.

orange line

Selection from “Variation”

A prelude for solid objects before the tempo is cranked down low. Rapid movement past a miniature greenhouse. Expanded shorthand traces notes like faded graffiti. This frost a reminder that resists interpretation. The leaves of one oak are dried blood begging the question of the wound’s antiquity. There is a strange symmetry that at first appears to be its opposite. After any silence sirens become unbearable. Somehow return to slow beginnings. Not even joined these points of connection. Close enough for electrical impulses to jump between them.





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