Paul Smith, “Cantilever”

Paul Smith is a civil engineer who has worked in the construction racket for many years. He has traveled all over the place and met lots of people. Some have enriched his life. Others made him wish he or they were all dead. He likes writing poetry and fiction. He also likes Newcastle Brown Ale. If you see him, buy him one. His poetry and fiction have been published in Clementine Unbound, Missouri Review, Literary Orphans, and other lit mags.

orange line


The cantilever stretches its neck out
past where no one has been
where no one should be
till its chin touches the horizon
cloudy and
in the middle of nowhere
the trusses and load-bearing structures
look on
until now snug in their anatomy
approved by the Board
certified and stamped
but today one of them
one of them
all they thought
they were taught
in Elements of Structural Analysis

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