Amber Burke, “End Times”

Amber Burke is a graduate of Yale and the Writing Seminars MFA program at Johns Hopkins University and teaches writing and yoga at the University of New Mexico in Taos. Her creative work, some of it Pushcart-nominated, has been published in magazines and literary journals including The Sun, Michigan Quarterly Review, and Superstition Review. She is also a regular contributor to Yoga International, which has published over one hundred of her articles and the ebook she co-authored, Yoga for Common Conditions.

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End Times

In those days, anyone with half an eye could see that we were living in the End Times. The apocalypse some of us had thought a vision of the inebriated or fanatic, thought metaphorical, or at the very least, down-the-road, was suddenly upon us, full-steam: bloody rivers, horsemen, the works. Blades of grass were sharp like swords, and swords were as common as blades of grass. Rulers were beastly. Locusts swarmed, of course. But look at us now, how comfortable we have made ourselves on the brimstone! How calming a landscape that is just gray and black and brown! How prettily the fires burn! How absolutely silent, quieter than anything, is the time between screams! Yes, we miss the birdsong and the green earth, the shade trees, the dirt out of which things grew, but most of us living never knew that world: the young ones have no trouble waking without the sun and have developed tastes for lizards, and what we tell them seems a vision of drunk men, of drugged men: a lunatic vision of farms.

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