Bethany Lettington, “The Guinea Pig Pen”

Bethany Lettington is a graduate of the University of St. Andrews’ MLitt Creative Writing program. She currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she works as a copywriter. She was recently shortlisted for the Poetry Wales Pamphlet Prize.

orange line

The Guinea Pig Pen

You, owning double my years
and relishing the power that gave,
said it was a game
when you took me to the garden
and picked up the cage.
It strikes me now how trusting minds are at eight
and how frail a body is, tucked under wire,
but at the time there were no bricks
pinning the frame, just the weight of that childish desire
to be liked

So I waited.
Hidden beneath the blanket you had draped
with the last dregs of light dripping between fibers,

I remember how the sun set red,
and evening swallowed me whole, and nobody came.

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