Anannya Uberoi is a full-time software engineer and part-time tea connoisseur based in Madrid. A travel junkie, she has extensively toured the Himalayas of Northern India, Bhutan and Nepal, and continues to log her experiences from unconventional journeys on paper. Her poems and short stories have appeared in Deep Wild Journal, Tipton Poetry Journal, Marías at Sampaguitas, and LandLocked. Her blog on Medium explores philosophical undertones to everyday thinking.

orange line

my beautiful

my mouth runs like a mulberry tree against a
derelict window, vowel-keen, swanning,
hushing into a low branch by the brindled
ledge. I shed my greased hair in canals of
salt chuck and landfills of boomburbs;
count my eyelashes in flower-lined
baskets and pedal them bare-faced
around town. my eyes are slits of cedar
waxwings that flutter and snigger at
slapstick humor. my beautiful
coughs up bushels of junk by purple-tide,
coral feet uncurl from their soft-swiveling
pinwheels by the moon. I scuffle violet-keys
under the locks of my hair, my curves like
hums on rolling tongues, my sugar, like
waterways upon a spawning rock,
my beautiful, windswept and wrecked.





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