Hiram Larew, “Over and Besides”

Hiram Larew’s fourth collection, Undone, was published in 2018 by FootHills Publishing. Find him on Facebook at Hiram Larew, Poet, and at POETRYXHUNGER.COM.

orange line

Over and Besides

Praise for lives of curve
For arrivals’ grins
For pures that blend
and windows’ ledgings

Praise in ways that lift
Through pockets’ wings
Through beams of firsts
and eyes of deepest stories
Through ringing branches
and pink dirts of Spring
or brimming

Praise with hearts of over and besides
with more of slowly turnings
with running hills and lifted ears
Praise with inside’s shimmer tinge
that almost flies with ever-flowing





2 thoughts on “Hiram Larew, “Over and Besides”

  1. Dear Hiram,

    I delighted in my discovery of your poem Over and Besides. Spare,
    not a wasted word, yet expansive. I felt a bird on multiple up-drafts,
    soaring with your imagery and graceful movement.

    Thank you!

    Deb Trowbridge


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