Robert Okaji, “Love in the Time of Untruth”

Robert Okaji lives in Texas, where he occasionally works on a ranch. He holds a BA in history, no longer owns a bookstore, but still finds himself surrounded by books. The author of five chapbooks, most recently I Have a Bird to Whistle: 7 Palinodes (Luminous Press, 2019), his work has appeared or is forthcoming in Panoply, North Dakota Quarterly, Kissing Dynamite, and elsewhere.

orange line

Love in the Time of Untruth

They look through us,
fingers scrabbling
through the soil
of a neighbor’s lush garden,

saying “we do this for you.”

Uprooting plants, desecrating
history, palms out, demanding more

they exchange trowel
for shovel,
hoe for explosives,

concentrating on their return
on investment.

Bewildered, we hold hands and watch.





5 thoughts on “Robert Okaji, “Love in the Time of Untruth”

  1. ”We do this for you”….. Sometimes you maybe doing lots of things for people who will never appreciate your effort. I like Love in the Time of Untruth.

    Aside that the name Clementine rings a bell in this song Oh my darlin’, oh my darlin’, oh my darlin’
    Oh my darlin’ , oh my darlin’ sweet Clementine,
    You may be gone
    You’re not forgotten,
    Fare thee well
    So long, Clementine

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