Paul Fisher, “The Word Is Out”

A recent transplant from the Pacific Northwest, Paul Fisher lives in Walnut Creek, CA, with his wife, two cats, and a five-pound poodle. He studied creative writing and visual art at the University of Washington and earned an MFA in poetry from New England College. His second book, An Exaltation of Tongues, was published last year by MoonPath Press. Paul’s poems have appeared in The Antioch Review, Cave Wall, Clementine Unbound, Nimrod, and many other venues.

orange line

The Word Is Out

More a whisper
than a shout,
written on water
in lowercase font,

it bubbles with breath,
licks your lips,
and hops like a frog
from mouth to mouth.

In the kingdom of sharks
where silence is bait,
it swims like an eel
and leaps like a trout.





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