Heather M. Browne, “Jacaranda Rain”

orange line

Jacaranda Rain

I watched her fall
from the western side,
watched her trembling in the wind.
Lavender skirts lifted high
exposing freshness, hips and thigh.
She was freckled there.

Twirling, daintily,
rustling as she slipped,
all the notes down in arpeggio,
guitars or mandolin.

I listened for her sigh,
that slight exhale trapped,
broken free,
and lying down jubilant.

The vibrancy of her color shocking,
the sour bite of spoiled fruit,
cherry, jacaranda rain,
covering everything around her
asphalt gray.


Heather M. Browne is a faith-based psychotherapist and was recently nominated for the Pushcart Award. She’s been published in The Orange Room, Boston Literary Review, Eunoia Review, Apeiron, The Lake, and Knot. Red Dashboard released her first collection, Directions of Folding.


4 thoughts on “Heather M. Browne, “Jacaranda Rain”

  1. This is beautiful ..I love the pace I felt movement in your writing. I enjoyed the colors the scents the feel of rain . It touched all my senses ..I feel I coukd read this a thousand and one times and learn touch and feel something new …it is a vacation …a piece of art …a composition of beauty life and stillness …it questions ..it answers and it soars to my inner self all the beauty of this world and sets me close to nature …Thankyou again …I will be reading this over and over what a beautiful piece like the finest aged wine….


  2. Oh my goodness!!!! Thank you!!! What an absolutely beautiful response! I am tickled pink that my view and words could delight you so! Our God brings us such amazing gifts of beauty! I am so happy His gift delights you so!

    Blessings, thanks, and deep love!!!


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