James Scannell McCormick, “Eye Floaters”

orange line

Eye Floaters

(Muscae Volitantes)

It’s as though their name is
to remind you: not crawling, not
climbing, not picking a quick,
stuttered gait—though still
weightless, so nearly weightless
that no word can mean down,
no word up. But rather flying.
In flight: thick swerve or
arc across zenith, snow-plain,
day-lit pane, page. Swarmed,
settling but never settled. Once
seen, no unseeing: no looking
at, but no looking away. They
hover and cloud but scatter faster
the faster you look—and more
maddeningly. You try to name
them: seahorse, lobster. Honeycomb,
web. Ghosts. Memories, and as
cureless. And what flaw without
harm, fault without hurt? You
must bear those, too: They’ll
always be, and in you. Of you.


James Scannell McCormick holds a doctorate in creative writing—poetry. He writes and teaches in Rochester, Minnesota.


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