Tanner Lee, “Let’s Start with the Body”

orange line

Let’s Start with the Body

down to roots that suck the inner thickness
between your hip and collarbone—
if your entire body were a mouth
then pour me in like a cracked egg
—what flesh of you reaches down
with its churned, folksy swell
and hangs on an iron hook
above a man who thinks he owns
your right to nakedness. harp
of bones strung from yolky sinews
sweetened with honey pistil
I want to reach down and sing
the old familiar. The west of Eden choirs
that crackle your heartwood
until there’s a heaven in your hands
a pink-white crease
a wildness, a careful suture
of a thread that only unravels
to catch droplets
that couldn’t find ground.


Tanner Lee lives in Ogden, Utah, and studies at Weber State University. His writing has appeared in Hobart and Glass, and is forthcoming in The Comstock Review and Lost Sparrow Press. He is an assistant blog manager at The Blueshift Journal. Find him on twitter @heytannerlee.



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