A new plan for a new year

Things are changing here at Clementine Unbound.

Since the election of Trump and the resulting threats to our country and  constitution, I’ve decided to devote less time to this site and more time to political activism, but I still want to keep Clementine Unbound going. With that in mind, I’m taking submissions again but publishing poems in an unscheduled way (more like a blog), rather than in monthly issues.

There will no longer be a printed journal, since that takes too much time. And I won’t be sending out notices of new issues. I apologize for all these “downgrades,” but there’s only so much time in a day.

Thank you for caring about little old Clementine. I won’t be sending out monthly emails anymore, but you can follow us like any WordPress blog.

Click the Submissions tab and follow the instructions there to submit your work.

One thought on “A new plan for a new year

  1. Good luck with the change of direction – anyone who has and does value the importance of language in defining intelligent, humane thought and action will want to put this to positive effect in a post-Trump world.


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