Jennifer Rollings, “Prayer for the Millennials”

orange line

Prayer for the Millennials

I pray for your strength,
that it will bind you to the earth,
bring some lessening of the gaping wounds
your elders have gashed into it.

I pray for your bright, green-shooted minds,
that fresh playfulness facing only forward.

I pray for your friendships,
your fingers laced
in digital permanence,
that they may grow thick roots,
become strong armor
against catastrophe.

For I see much catastrophe,
the megastorms, tsunamis,
cities leveled by tectonic shift,
the red handle on that ever-raised axe
of another mushroom cloud.

I want none of this for you.
I want alternatives.
Some other possible ending.

So, instead, Postmodern God,
all mega and byte,
O spinning silicon oracle,
promise me when torrents come,
those great waves of heat and ocean,
they escape somehow,
by tractor or laser beam,
by some means not yet known to us,
let them wave goodbye
and vanish.


Jennifer Rollings is a writer living and working in the Pacific Northwest. Her poetry has appeared in UnLost, Clementine Unbound, Every Writers Resource, WordWrights!, and Ardentia.


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