Jennifer Poteet, “A Bun Dance of Cakes”

orange line


A Bun Dance of Cakes

Whose sovereign will eat
our snow-capped, indulgent offering,
elevated on this silver salver?
Stuffed into a sugar-stiff floured crown,
we raise and hail around this, the imperial batter.

Delighted with enticement, the king
flashes gold from his encased back teeth.
Oblivious to the unseemly dance of people’s feet,
he laughs from his gut and gulps and burps,
and throws the half he doesn’t want into the street.


Jennifer Poteet lives in Montclair, NJ, and works in Manhattan as a fundraiser for public television. She has had work published in several online and print journals.

Photographer Brian C. McCabe created the above black-and-white photo of tables in Bryant Park, New York City, winter 2010.



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