Jennifer Poteet, “House Cat’s Ode”

orange line

House Cat’s Ode

          "There's a special providence in the fall of a sparrow."
           —William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Brown-speckled sparrow:
I think highly of your flight.
I am emerald-eyed and hungry.
Alight my bowl tonight.

If you were up to me,
we would be together.
I would spit out your feathers
but lick, with awe, your pulsing heart.

With glee I’d gnaw both fluttery wings.
How exquisite, how noble you art!
Taunt me, tail me as you will.
Make me dance against the pane.

Spent, for now, I’ll settle on the sill,
sleep until we sport again.
I want your jaunt, your jocular tease.
I dream how I would take you in the trees.


Jennifer Poteet lives in Montclair, NJ, and works in Manhattan as a fundraiser for public television. She has had work published in several online and print journals.


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