Drew Pisarra, “Sonnet 12.11.15”

orange line

Sonnet 12.11.15

The day we met, we talked of Fassbinder,
The Story of O, the dying of bees…
That very night you showed me your Tinder
profile as if it would somehow please
me to see you seducing the city
at large. And it did. It still does. I like
your broad appeal, your versatility,
your hourly refusal to be typed,
and I’m aware I too often limit
myself. That winter, polyamorous
dalliances were beyond my scope. Shit,
sleeping around didn’t feel glamorous
that unseasonably warm December.
Am I someone you even remember?


Drew Pisarra was a magician’s assistant for a weekend, a restaurant critic for a few years, and a digital VP for two cable networks over the span of eight years. But none of that’s true now. You can check out his reviews on Korean movies at koreangrindhouse.blogspot.com or his photos of public art at mistermysterio on Instagram.



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