Lois Marie Harrod, “Goodness”

orange line


Simple in the end
as in the beginning,
one enters one,
becomes one,
the eukaryote mystery.

A heart begins to beat,
for how can there be good
without a heart,
and the heart
keeps on beating,
until it stops,
that simple whip–
flogging to the end.

How my father’s heart
thrashed on
when he was finished.

And evil, such complexity,
more branch than drum, uranium,
its half-life with a half-life
with a half-life, the drummer
always closing on never,
time and distance dividing
into something more treacherous,
Zeno’s paradox.

For all his goodness,
my father was not
a simple man.

So body slips
into sea according
to custom, customarily,
and the shark
with his great heart
is always hungry.


Lois Marie Harrod is a US author of six poetry books and ten chapbooks. She also writes short stories and teaches at the The College of New Jersey. Her work has appeared in journals and online e-zines from American Poetry Review to Zone 3. Visit www.loismarieharrod.org for online links.


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