Kevin Shyne, “The Valentine”

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The Valentine

Beside me in a nursing home
you unfold a yellow page
and read the little poem
I wrote for you before old age
had robbed us of familiar ground.

Let our day be put away,
lost, then one day found
between the pages of a favorite book,
thick and leather-bound.

You read each line and wait
in hopes that I might recognize
this ancient valentine.
The nurse stops by. She says it’s late.
You see a flicker in my eyes.
Could it be a sign
that proves at least I’ve heard?
It’s as if I said in spoken words
as my vital signs were noted,
“That’s beautiful, my dear. Who wrote it?”


Kevin Shyne is a lifelong writer and sometime poet. He is the author of a children’s book, The Man Who Dropped from the Sky. His poetry has appeared in The Lyric.

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