Oliver Hutton, “Re: Spectre”

orange line

Re: Spectre

There’s a ghost in the cloisters,
A ghost in the machine, whose worlds
are its oysters, a host with a sheen.
A host casing a changing shell, a boast
wasting a waning spell. Senses of touch,
taste, sight and smell, and the oft-ignored
ring of a bell. One competes
to take control; the other waits
for ev’ry random. The former fights
to climb the knoll; the latter’s left to work
in tandem. Millions, minions,
servile souls, wand’ring, wond’ring
if the bell tolls—


Oliver Hutton is a UK-qualified solicitor with over FIVE years’ experience of dry shipping litigation. The battle for his signature was ferociously fought. In the end, it was TCI that beat the thousands of other law firms to it, with colleagues describing it as the happiest day of their lives when “Olly” walked through the door to begin his training contract on Tuesday 20th July, 2010. Olly advises on complicated issues too numerous and highbrow to mention here, but the way he provides transcendental solutions to every conceivable legal and commercial problem was reported in the Legal 500 as “awesome.”


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